Lockdown entertainment & tips


We love being social and helping people engage with their team and customers. We created this page to give you somewhere to go to find some inspiration and keep you energised and connected with your team during the lockdown. 



We've found some cool online games that we're using as a team with our friends and family to keep us all connected while locked down:

We're found and created some cool lists which ask you to guess the movie, books, ect based on the emojis.    Guess the movie   Name the book emoji quiz  Guess the country

Click below to get the relevant answers:


As a team we've been doing a hashtag a week for people to share photos of their surroundings, we've found this keeps us all connected and allows us to get an idea of what our teams' home environments are like. Here's a list of the ones we've been doing:

  • #Viewfrommywindow
  • #lockdownlunch
  • #Petsofspitfire
  • #3Danimalsinyourhome (This is something you can do on Google, click here to find out how


Here are 5 key tips from our staff to help you keep sane while working from home:
  • Tip 1: Have a shower and dressed every day!
  • Tip 2: Maintain regular working hours, take lunch breaks and stop working at 5pm
  • Tip 3: Set ground rules with the people in your space
  • Tip 4: Over communicate! Make sure you're team are keeping connected
  • Tip 5: Make sure you use your camera to have face-to-face meetings and be present

Have any of your own tips that you would like to share? Click here to submit your tips and check back regularly for new tips 🥰


Colouring Doodles

Adult colouring has been said to induce a mindful and meditative state. Try some of our doodles during the lockdown to keep your mind clear.

Here are some of the pictures the Spitfire Inbound team have been sharing: